What is Escúchanos!?

Escúchanos! is an organization committed to amplifying the voices of the Latino Community. It is a space created to listen to the stories of Latino women and men, immigrant and natural-born citizens, young and old, documented and undocumented. 

In these difficult times we seek to empower the Latino community by providing safe spaces to learn together, grow in awareness of the social, political, and religious issues, understand the problems our community faces to work toward solutions, provide support and assistance in tangible ways, and lend our prophetic voice to the current moment.

One of our current projects is Latinas Fenomenales. A series of short videos showcasing Latina women who are advocating and serving others in their every day lives.


Pastor Liz Vaiz

Pastor Liz Vaiz has been in ministry for more than 20 years ministering largely to the Latino immigrant community. She co-pastors Vida Church, a bi-lingual congregation in Sacramento, California, with her husband, Alex. She is dedicated to empowering her community and providing encouragement and leadership so that the quality of their lives may improve. She is also passionate about investing in Latino youth and raising up young leaders who will influence and bring about transformative change to our society.


If you would like to make a donation to Escúchanos!, just include a note in the comment section of your donation and Facing Ourselves will give 100% of the proceeds to Escúchanos!