As a psychologist, I wanted to create an experience that enabled white Christians to be intentional about the work we need to do in our own lives — emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually — so we can be as effective as possible in creating systemic change.

Facing Ourselves retreats are a way for white Christians to come together and take responsibility for our own growth and development. These retreats are not intended as a “retreat” from the work of racial justice or “taking a break” to simply engage in self-care. The goal is to facilitate a contemplative and communal experience to develop awareness, perseverance, and hope needed for the work of racial justice and reconciliation. You will be challenged, but also have the opportunity to connect with others, as you determine with greater clarity and courage what steps you need to take to live out your commitment to racial justice and systemic change. This includes developing the fortitude needed for the “long haul.”

Although the retreat is not a formal workshop or training, I will provide brief teaching sessions to help guide your experience. Additionally, each participant will receive a workbook I created to help facilitate the time set aside for self-reflection and small group discussions. Examples of topics we address include conversion, identity, lament, and discernment.

Read more about Facing Ourselves retreats from one of our recent attendees.


Testimonials About Our Recent Retreat



"In small group, I experienced the most inspiration, emergence of accountability, and bravery of starting to see myself in action versus observing...[there is] a growing sense of a path for me that I didn't know I was on and didn't realize I was longing for." - Kristen



“The retreat was very helpful. I came in large part to witness and participate in a white, anti-racist community. To a huge extent, I've been on my own so this was just the thing!” - Phil



"[The retreat] was very helpful. It pulled together so many things I had been experiencing and feeling and helped me envision a way to move forward." - Hazel



"[The retreat] fostered an intentional connection with God around these issues, with time to process and listen." - Kayla



"The reflective and contemplative format [of the retreat] was beautiful...and the time set aside for collective lament was most meaningful and powerful for me." - Samantha