Building equity

Supporting Community

Community support and solidarity are key components in the work of racial justice and reconciliation. Facing Ourselves is dedicated to supporting the efforts of people of color to build up, empower, and advocate for their communities. This is an important way in which we can disrupt cycles and systems of racial inequity and injustice.

The burden of responsibility to support, teach, and challenge white people should not rest exclusively with people of color. Neither can it be done in isolation from communities of color. Rather, the work of Facing Ourselves is done with their guidance, particularly that of women of color, and in support of their leadership.

As part of Facing Ourselves’ commitment to supporting the leadership of POC, we are proud to feature the work of Escúchanos!, an organization based in Sacramento, Calif., dedicated to amplifying Latino voices. You don’t want to miss out on their amazing merch either!

If you would like to make a donation to Escúchanos!, just include a note in the comment section of your donation and Facing Ourselves will give 100% of the proceeds to Escúchanos!